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In English: Jacob Michelsens Gård

Welcome to the authentic Danish farm Jacob Michelsens Gård.

Enjoy the atmosphere of the old living rooms, the conserved garden and see the backyard with the large stone oven.


    Jacob Michelsens gård

    The history of Jacob Michelsens Gård dates back to the early 16th century.

    In 1847 the Michelsen family  took ownership of the smallholding and made it into a vibrant small local museum showing kitchen supplies and old working equipment´s for stable, field and woodland.

    The museum Jacob Michelsens Gård is now a place where guests are able to see how baking used to be done and various other handicrafts.

    Wednesdays during July the place is open for public.

    The old stone oven from 1876 is used on special weekends. In relation to this there are different kinds of exhibitions about the life on the farm in the last decades.